Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Sacred Diaries of April aged 32 3/4 years

Can't sleep. Christmas countdown pressure is starting to get to me!! Checklist getting longer not shorter. Blast!

Can't find asparagus dressed like Joseph from the girls Veggie Tales nativity set. Looked under sofa and in toy box but no sign of him.

Still have all those half smashed pine cones in the garage that I can't bring myself to throw away. Thought it would be fun to make peanut butter smeared pine cones with the girls to hang in the trees for the birds but I keep forgetting to pick up bird seed from the store. I do have all that left over Halloween candy. I wonder if the birds would eat that smushed over the peanut butter? Someone may as well enjoy it since I have to loose 20 pounds by next Monday. Dieting sure would be easier if the dryer didn't keep shrinking my clothes. Blasted dryer!

Still need to clean that spot off the living room floor where the girls spilled the gallon-o-bubbles. First several attempts have turned stain from dark grey to a lighter more spotted version of same grey.

We did get the Christmas tree up! Hurrah!!! Even found decorative boxes to prop the two broken limbs on - hardly even looks awkward from most angles. Bottom half of tree will have to be redecorated once I find missing ornaments.

Still have half my presents to buy. It would help to have money and time to shop on the same day. Been to all the closeout stores. May as well wrap up the junk laying around my own house. I've never seen so many tacky picture frames, metal vases and hideous bed spreads.

Forgotten cookies? Who has time with the mountain of forgotten laundry lurking just around the corner?

Speaking of food, what to serve Christmas day? Turkey or Enchiladas? I'm leaning towards a Mexican Christmas this year. Maybe queso and tamales...mmm. Stop it April, your just feeling weakened because it's been a whole day since you had M&M's. You have got to stick to your diet!!

On the other hand - it has been nice talking to the girls about Jesus' birthday. They are so excited! Ask me every day when the family is coming over. They don't seem to be at all concerned about the half inch layer of dust, toenails and fuzz encrusted on the baseboards behind the bathroom door. I need to be more like them. Their biggest goal every day is spending as much time as possible sitting in Daddy's lap. Maybe if I would climb up into my Daddy's lap more often this to do list wouldn't look so daunting...

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