Saturday, December 29, 2007

How we got a Wii for Christmas

This is the true story of how we came to aquire a Wii for Christmas this year..

4pm Saturday December 15th – John and I went to Circuit City to pick out a Christmas present for my grandparents – or so I thought. (I can be really naïve at times)
4:10 pm – John asked the store manager if they have any Wii’s.
4:11pm – The manager says “We have 20 in the back and we’re going to give away 19 vouchers tomorrow morning at 7”.
4:11pm – Time and space stood still and John obviously lost all ability to use reason or logic – it was him and Wii alone in the universe. John hatches a plan to camp out in front of Circuit City at 4:30 am Sunday morning to claim his Wii voucher.
5:00 pm – John told his equally gullible friend Rob about his quest.
5:01 pm – Equally gullible friend decided to go with him.
5:02pm - The plotting and planning begins…
12am – I am still up in the kitchen digging out thermoses, blankets, making sandwiches and helping Dumb and Dumber get there stuff together to go sit in a sub-freezing parking lot.
2am – Dumb and Dumber and I go to sleep.
4am – Alarm goes off!
4-4:28 - Much running around! Coffee making and packing up car happens.
4:30 – I kiss John goodbye and yell “Have fun storming the castle!” as he and friend drive off in the arctic blast.
4:31 – Only Sane person (ME) Goes back to my warm bed.
4:40 – Dumb and Dumber pull up at Circuit City to find a line has already formed.
4:40 – Car pulls in right behind them.
4:40– Rob races to the front of the store and goes up on two wheels as John does a roll-dive out of the car and into the line.
4:41 – John finds out they are number 18 and 19 in line. YIKES!!
5:30 – Previously mentioned Circuit City store manager comes out and says they may only give out 15 vouchers instead of 19.
5:31 – John calls and wakes me up to tell me this.
6am – John beats on CC’s front door and has a “Come to Jesus” talk with the manager
6:01 – Store manager assures John he will give away all 19 vouchers as promised.
6-7 – Dumb and Dumber freeze butts off.
7 – Manager hands out vouchers
7:10 – Rob and John find Starbucks to warm up in and wait it out until 8 when the store opens.
8 – John and Rob go back to Circuit City to buy Wii.
8:01 – John and Rob get talked into buying extra controllers and games – OF COURSE!!
8:30 – John comes home a very happy camper and immediately starts setting Wii up in the living room to play.
8:31 – I remind John that this is his Christmas present and he needs to wait until Christmas and let me wrap it.
8:31 – John growls at me
8:32 – 9:30ish – We all play Wii games in the living room before church.

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Anonymous said...

Honey got one too but he did not have to stay in the freezing cold. He put his name on a list a Fry's and they called him when they got one in. He had 2 hours to pick it up or it went to the next person on the list. We love it.

I miss hanging with you guys. We had so much fun playing before kiddos, we need to get together!!!!!!