Saturday, December 29, 2007

Riddlin Boy's Reign of Terror

With family in town we are still celebrating Christmas over here! Yesterday I was hanging out with my aunt Bibi who, with so few years between us is more like a sister than my aunt. We took our girls to the "Eggies" play area at Willow Bend Mall. We were just visiting with each other and enjoying watching our girls play when suddenly our attention is drawn to a little 3 year old boy who could have been the poster child for Riddlin. He is running full speed ahead, caution to the wind as fast as he can, leaping in the air, flinging himself all over the play area. He is leaving a wake of crying babies and angry parents. There is hardly a person that he hasn't hit, kicked, jumped on or knocked over. Parent's begin to throw their bodies over their babies when they see him coming. At one point he jumps into the giant cup of coffee where three other boys about his age are playing. Scared for their safety they begin to hiss and growl at him. Undeterred he knocks one of them over and leaps out to continue his reign of terror. Bibi and I are sitting on the bench. We've been commenting for 10 minutes. "OH MY GOSH!" "Did you see that, he just took a running leap over that baby and nearly landed on him!! That's the third time he's knocked over that cute little Asian boy!! Where are his parents?" GASP!! "I guess nobody wants to claim him – Ha Ha!! At that moment, he runs in front of us. He waves at the woman sitting right next to me on the bench and pauses just long enough to say "Hi MOM" before he takes off running again!

I know what you are thinking. "April you are a horrible person, you should have given that poor woman ever last dollar in your purse and crawled away." Well, normally I would agree with you but listen to this. I was telling John this story when he stopped me and said "Did that little boy have black curly hair? Yes! Did his mom have long dark hair? Yes!! Yes!! I said. "Oh my gosh, they were there last time I took the girls to the play area and that little boy would knock the kids down and then stand over them while they were crying and start shoving them." His mom never did anything!!"

So there!!

How we got a Wii for Christmas

This is the true story of how we came to aquire a Wii for Christmas this year..

4pm Saturday December 15th – John and I went to Circuit City to pick out a Christmas present for my grandparents – or so I thought. (I can be really na├»ve at times)
4:10 pm – John asked the store manager if they have any Wii’s.
4:11pm – The manager says “We have 20 in the back and we’re going to give away 19 vouchers tomorrow morning at 7”.
4:11pm – Time and space stood still and John obviously lost all ability to use reason or logic – it was him and Wii alone in the universe. John hatches a plan to camp out in front of Circuit City at 4:30 am Sunday morning to claim his Wii voucher.
5:00 pm – John told his equally gullible friend Rob about his quest.
5:01 pm – Equally gullible friend decided to go with him.
5:02pm - The plotting and planning begins…
12am – I am still up in the kitchen digging out thermoses, blankets, making sandwiches and helping Dumb and Dumber get there stuff together to go sit in a sub-freezing parking lot.
2am – Dumb and Dumber and I go to sleep.
4am – Alarm goes off!
4-4:28 - Much running around! Coffee making and packing up car happens.
4:30 – I kiss John goodbye and yell “Have fun storming the castle!” as he and friend drive off in the arctic blast.
4:31 – Only Sane person (ME) Goes back to my warm bed.
4:40 – Dumb and Dumber pull up at Circuit City to find a line has already formed.
4:40 – Car pulls in right behind them.
4:40– Rob races to the front of the store and goes up on two wheels as John does a roll-dive out of the car and into the line.
4:41 – John finds out they are number 18 and 19 in line. YIKES!!
5:30 – Previously mentioned Circuit City store manager comes out and says they may only give out 15 vouchers instead of 19.
5:31 – John calls and wakes me up to tell me this.
6am – John beats on CC’s front door and has a “Come to Jesus” talk with the manager
6:01 – Store manager assures John he will give away all 19 vouchers as promised.
6-7 – Dumb and Dumber freeze butts off.
7 – Manager hands out vouchers
7:10 – Rob and John find Starbucks to warm up in and wait it out until 8 when the store opens.
8 – John and Rob go back to Circuit City to buy Wii.
8:01 – John and Rob get talked into buying extra controllers and games – OF COURSE!!
8:30 – John comes home a very happy camper and immediately starts setting Wii up in the living room to play.
8:31 – I remind John that this is his Christmas present and he needs to wait until Christmas and let me wrap it.
8:31 – John growls at me
8:32 – 9:30ish – We all play Wii games in the living room before church.