Thursday, May 28, 2009

On Throwing Up

Savannah runs in yelling Loralei THREW UP!!
Loralei comes running in behind her with wide, hysterical eyes.
Me – Loralei, what happened?
Lo – I threw up! (Look of absolute SHOCK on her face)
Me – Are you OK? Do you feel sick? Did you eat something?
Lo – No, I didn’t eat anything.
Me – What happened? Why do you think you threw up?
Lo – I don’t know. I was watching cartoons and I just sticked my finger down in my throat like this…
She proceeds to open mouth widely and show me her finger going down her throat. At this point she begins to gag right over my desk.
Me – Stop that! That’s why you threw up! Sticking your finger down your throat makes you throw up!!!

1 comment:

noell said...

this story made me laugh out loud and made David (my husband) wonder if it was for real. :)

Kids crack me up - thanks for sharing your stories.