Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy Feet Movie Review - Parents Beware!!

In case anyone is thinking of taking their kids, I just wanted to take a moment to review the movie Happy Feet. We got free sneak preview passes and since we've never taken the girls to a movie decided it would be the perfect time to see if they were old enough to sit through a show. We did not read anything about the movie before we went, which was our mistake. The movie was merely an excuse to promote propoganda and SEX!!!

We could not believe the sexual overtones, undertones and blatantly in your face message. To name just a few things that happened, they used the actual words "sex, making love and freaking" in the movie. Also, there was quite a bit of bump and grind dancing and references to taking someone back to the nest or picking up girls. The movie is filled with pop culture music with sensual lyrics. The penguins are constantly coming on to one another in a a sexual nature with comments like "Do you see something you like here? Do you want a piece of this?" The female penguins are made to look like they have breasts and butts. I know you guys have got to think that I'm lying or exaggerating but I'm not, we were stunned!!

Amazingly there were things that made us even angrier than the constant focus on sex. The elders of the community are made to look like small minded religious bigots who reject anyone or anything that would be considered different. They have drawn the elders with the physical characteristics of vultures and they sit perched up above the people harshly judging those in the community that don't fit in. This is not an accident.

The movie starts with the penguins worshipping a penguin God and even shows the image of this God in the sky so it gives the impression that not only is God a penguin but a harsh, judgmental, unhappy one that has cut off the animals food supply because he is angry at them.

At one point when Happy Feet, the star has been been banished from the community for being different he goes and finds another tribe of penguins who accept him. The leader of this tribe is a fat, chief looking penguin named Lovelace who is "enlightened by the gods". In order to get this enlightened one to answer your question you have to take him an offering. The penguins take him an offering and have a conversation with him in which he bumbles around like a pompous idiot. He then turns the people away for the day because he is going back to his "couch of perpetual indulgences" with a group of lady penguins under his arms leaving you with the impression that they are going to have some sort of orgy. It once again is blatantly beating up the religious community by making the leaders look like selfish cult leaders who seduce and control peoples and in this case his harem through lies and manipulation.

Of course in typical Hollywood style we find out towards the end that the real devils are the humans who are coming in and destroying the environment.

I wish I could give you a complete review but this all happened before we got up and left a little more than an hour into the movie.

If all of this wasn't enough we probably still would have left early because the movie was incredibly BORING and not even funny. Literally NOTHING happened. It's like the entire purpose of this movie was to promote political and religious propaganda and sell sex, enlightenment and tree hugging agendas.

DON'T GO! That's all I can say. Happy Feet isn't appropriate for children.

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