Monday, November 06, 2006

Inspiring Fall

What is it about fall that inspires me to live, to move, to change things? I love it! I love the cool weather and the bright colors - fall makes my heart sing. Today it was singing to me - "Go to Home Depot and buy paint for the front door". My heart can be very bossy at times. So I loaded up my merry band and drove to the nearest Home Depot and managed to pick out two nearly indistinguishable colors of terra cotta for the front door. While I was there my heart also started singing to me about flowers and dirt to make the yard pretty for Thanksgiving. $114 later I told my heart to shut up and get in the car before the bank calls my husband. We drove home and I was so excited I started priming the front door in the dark. I put one color on the right side of the door and one color on the left. I was at first afraid that I had indeed purchased the exact same color in different brands but as it dried one was clearly hook 'em horns orange and the other the richer, deeper color for which I was hoping. It's amazing how a $10 can of paint can change the entire look of your house. Not that you will ever get out of Home Depot for $10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Mike's Drumbeats said...

Hi April:

Just checking your blog--glad you didn't totally getting it up!

I had 2 possible comments for you:

1) "Freakin' Poopy": The new color choice for front doors (?--please forgive that)

2) Fran once had me paint five strips of red on our wall to test the colors. Looked funny, and we eventually painted it a 6th color...

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


Mike's Drumbeats said...

Oh, I meant "give it up..." sorry.